Monday, 20 June 2011

Glass Domes

Glass Domes are both pretty and practical.
Their history began as mini greenhouses in Victorian Times when people were trying to protect precious plants and seedlings in the Winter months. Snow and frosts couldn't harm the plants and little seedlings had a headstart to Spring.
My use of Glass Domes in the garden came to a very quick end when "fairies" at the bottom of my garden "accidently" kicked their ball at one. Therefore I have banished the use of Glass Domes until my little "Fairies" have grown up and left the garden......

On a brighter note I use my pretty domes for displaying a variety of items eg. bird nests, Christmas displays, bowls of lace or buttons and of course food.
I have been fortunate enough to pick up domes that were the tops of cheese boards at boot sales for only a couple of dollars.
Shabby Sheilas also stock a stunning variety of Glass Domes in a variety of shapes and sizes.
You will find Shabby Sheilas in Hamilton, NSW Australia or visit their online store at

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