Tuesday, 21 June 2011

A Treasured Friend's Sewing Box....

Once upon a time, there lived a man named Garry. He was a friendly man who always took the time to speak to you and make a fuss over your children. He always had a tale to tell and a joke to share.
This man lived alone and enjoyed his own company.
Garry's favorite thing to do was to swim in the local ocean baths. He would methodically at the same time each day make the journey to the waters edge and enjoy the fruits of God's giving to man, the ocean.   He would swim and talk to his friends and thoroughly enjoy his time there.  He would then drive home completely refreshed and live the rest of his day.

Garry had a lovely daughter and the most wonderful Mother anybody could ever hope for. He would always speak of his lovely Mum and clearly he adored her. Garry was a family man and he enjoyed his family's company. Whilst he was much of the time a loner he enjoyed a bet on the horses and a drink with his mates on a Saturday.

Whilst at home he would often talk over the fence to his friendly neighbors. They were firm friends and their love and support towards each other was unwavering. The neighbors thought the world of Garry and laughed at his stories. Frequently the neighbor would be hanging washing on the line and Garry would sneak up behind the bushes and "BOO !",  she would be scared to death but giggle her head off that he had managed to do it again !  Always the clown was Garry, it made him all the more fun though.

One grey day at sunset, a knock came at the neighbors door. It was the family of Garry, one look on their faces painted a very sad story. Garry had come to pass. The Angels had called him home, his life's work had been completed.

Hearts and minds were numb, sadness gazed at them over the fence each day at the empty home once filled with laughter and jokes.  A good friend had come to pass and no goodbyes had been said.

Weeks and months passed by and family arrived to do the terrible task of packing up Garry's belongings. They called the neighbor in and asked if they would like a momento of their dear friend.  The neighbor spotted an old chocolate tin, she opened it and found a collection of sewing implements. The needles and scissors had once passed through her friends hands and she knew instantly that this would be hers.

The old chocolate tin now sits on a table in the friends living room. It is a constant reminder of Garry and his warmth and funny ways. The friends speak often of Garry. The way he would buy donuts and lollies for the children and Chocolate filled Christmas stockings at Christmas time. He would forever be in their thoughts. He had touched their souls and they would be grateful forever.
It is almost time for the first anniversary of his passing. It will not bring tears but indeed it will bring joy and laughter. The thought of a dear friend fills ones heart with joy and not sadness. A life had been led and then it was time to return home. The circle of life.... and truly a life to be admired and from one that lived and loved  to the best of his ability.

Resting peacefully until we meet again......xo

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