Thursday, 30 June 2011

Home Sweet Home

Once upon a time there were six little bears.....

They lived in a sweet little cottage with a white picket fence and a rose filled garden. It was a home filled with love and laughter and much excitement.
There was Mamma bear, Pappa bear and four baby bears.
Each little bear had his or her sweet offering to the world.

This one particular day , the house was buzzing with excitement. It would be Mama bear's birthday the next day and there was going to be a beautiful birthday party. The six bears were all busy making plans and wrapping gifts and whispering secrets to each other.....

Mamma bear was closing up their little cottage for the night. It was Winter and chilly outside and tonight they would need the fire on. She would soon begin dinner preparations to fill the hungry bellies of her babies and her loving husband.

One little bear was out shopping, searching for the perfect birthday gift. Her's would be a thoughtful gift full of love and given with a beautiful smile. She was a gorgeous bear and her Mamma's only sweet princess.
Another little bear was sitting in his 'cave' with plugs in his ears listening to music and contemplating the days events. He was Mamma bear's wise one, quiet, reserved and old beyond his years. 
The next little bear was out kicking his ball with a huge, happy smile on his face. He was her little bit of mischief who had her giggling all of the time.
....and then there was baby bear who presented his Mamma with two of the most perfect white Camelias from their garden. He was her sweet little man who adored his Mamma and was generally somewhere very close behind her during most of her day.

Then came Pappa bear. He was a warm, caring bear who enjoyed the simple things in life. He would do anything in his life with a smile. He lived wholey and soley for his family and would have done anything for any of them. The family loved Pappa bear very much.

Mamma bear sat on her special chair by the fire thinking of her life and how fortunate she was to have been blessed with so much love. She smiled at the thought of her husband and four little bears and felt very much at peace.  She felt excited by the celebrations to come the next morning when her little treasures would wake her up with big "Happy Birthday's" and lots of kisses.

What a wonderful life she thought.........

and so the cottage came to settle in for the night. They would share their days stories  with each other, eat their dinner, have a big sleep and wake up in the morning and do it all over again.

and so they did

The End

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  1. Bing( sound effect for page turn
    The story continues
    Then came ebony locks, you may remember her from two stories ago. The innocent neighbour who had her hair loped off with some paper scissors by Edwina scissorhands.
    Ebony had been so touched by Edwinas creativity as had her parents, that she decided to make a special trip to Edwinas birthday party. Holding under her arm was a photo album that she was going to present to Edwina it contained the photo of her in kindy looking like a boy, the one at Uncle Gary's wedding where people questioned if she was a flower GIRL and many more over the nxt 2 years.
    Edwina had touched many people with her hilarious ways over the last 40years. And that was just the first 40 what about the nxt 50.
    Happy Birthday Petal....hope you like my story and birthday wish.
    The Endxxx