Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Little Boy Blue

Once upon a time there was a little boy. This child had an enormous amount of love to share with all who met him. Big brown eyes and a cheeky grin were his trademark features and he would have folk all around him in fits of laughter with his tales and charming personality.
He was quick on the uptake, wise beyond his years and had the most compassionate heart and mind for a child of his age.  He had been blessed with amazing sporting ability which would without a doubt be where  life's path would take him.

This child showed enormous love towards his disabled Uncle and others of special needs with whom he shared his playground with. He would stick up for others who were being threatened with unjust and be the one to offer another way of looking at the situation.
 He was remarkable with his insight towards others and his Mother wondered how a child of his age could possibly know so much with such short life experience.

This boy however stumbled in his life with learning and paying attention in school. He would bumble his way through his work and out of sheer frustration would play class clown to amuse himself. The powers that be came to judge him and lose their patience and he felt as though the world was closing in all around him.

He would come home from school and breathe a sigh of relief that for a short time he would not be met  with any harsh judgment and that love would be shown, instead of hate. He would be free to be himself and not conform to the way in which was expected of him. He would find kind people who would not judge him and who would actually listen to what he had to say. He felt that no one would listen to his needs at school and that if his teachers would listen to him they may begin to understand him.

The boy's Mother looked on lovingly although worried about her beautiful boy. She knew him well and felt his frustration. He was an old soul and offered so much good to the world. If respect and compassion was shown in return she knew things would improve for him. She was proud of the beautiful person that her son was. The pureness of his heart was obvious and if only others would open their hearts to this, then things would surely change.  Creativity lay await within him for somebody to come along and unlock it. If the key to this could be found then the abundance that would come would be endless. 

The moral of this story.....

Never judge others and what they can achieve. Everybody in this world offers greatness in different ways. What one man is good at may be completely different to the man next to him. Do not stereotype others and try to conform them to what you would like them to be. For we have no right as human beings to expect this of others. Embrace each others differences and open your hearts to the stories of other men. As their stories come with completely different chapters. No man has walked the same road since the beginning of time. We may not judge until we have walked in their boots. Emotions run very deep and although expressed in very different ways, we are all of same blood. We are one man with many different faces and homes. We all FEEL love and hate and exclusion.
Hold each others hand with compassion and offer our neighbours support instead of hate.

This little boy will achieve many great things in his life and undoubtedly his Mother will always love him with every inch of her heart. A Mothers love will keep a child going until the end of time, so never turn your back on him/her. Offer him unconditional love and support and NEVER EVER give up on him.  Love conquers all dear friends and with a little heart we can do a lot to change this world of ours. It's not to late to try and I know that like this little boy, I will never, ever give up trying.

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