Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Self Confessed Handbag Addict

Handbags !, LOVE them !   A girl can never have too many, it's our given right to buy as many as needed.  Well.....that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it !  haha
I have names for all of my handbags. When planning our outfits for a shopping date my Mum will often ask which handbag I will be taking. I have both plain colors and bright pretty florals and different fabrics.
My very favorite handbag is 'Alice', she is a very pretty purple shot ruffly,silk bag that I spotted in the window of a little overpriced boutique. I slobbered all over the window at her but restrained myself as she was on the expensive side.  A couple of months later my lovely Mum handed me a beautifully wrapped birthday gift and out popped 'Alice'. I squealed with delight and she has remained my firm favorite ever since.
Another favorite is 'Cath', she was a request from my Mum's last overseas trip. She is a pretty raspberry red floral, bucket style bag from Cath Kidston in England. She is made of oilcloth and is big enough to fit all of my unnecessary daily carrying's. Goodness knows I carry every thing but the kitchen sink in there.
Our handbags are often a reflection of ourselves, they reflect our style,taste and personality.

On a recent shopping trip to Pigott's Store in Sydney I spotted this cute little pile of oilcloth bags in a little corner. Oilcloth is such a great fabric choice for handbags because if it gets a little grubby you simply wipe clean and it's as good as new again.  I actually had a number of oilcloth bags that I used as nappy bags when my children were babies.

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