Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Pearly White Buttons

My button fetish began many years ago now when my daughter was just a wee little dot. I was forever in stores buying fabrics and trims to create something pretty and she would be easily bored waiting for me to make my selection.  She used to love looking at all the pretty buttons in the button aisle. She loved the sound of the buttons tinkling from one end of the vial to another as she tipped it from side to side.

I began letting her choose a pretty button each time we shopped and it soon ended up quite the collection. She would choose little bears and apples or bees or anything else that took her fancy.  At the ripe old age of three she selected a beautiful glass button and it was so pretty I didn't even check the price until I got the bill !  I didn't have the heart to make her select another so we took it home and added it to her pretty collection.

That glass button began my never ending collection of vintage and antique buttons. I have so many now and I'm always using them to add a touch to a card, cushion or simply to display in my glass jars.

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