Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Vintage Miss Mely

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Melanie.
She had big brown eyes and a head of golden  curls flowing down her back. She was the apple of her parents eye and was described by her special Aunty that she looked like a little doll in a box.

Melanie was a delightful child who had boundless energy and loved creating from a very early age. She would keep herself occupied in her cot every afternoon by having merry conversations with herself. It didn't really matter that no one was listening because she was content with her own company.
This quality would remain with her during her life. She loved to talk and learn about people. Friends were something that she was quite choosy about right from the start. She did not suffer fools and guarded her heart carefully.

Everywhere Melanie went, she took her knitted teddy that her beloved Nan had made her. She had teddy in one arm, a bottle in the other and a dummy stuck in her mouth. (Possibly to stop her talking !)
She would run and play chasings with her little brother and  then if her mummy was lucky she would sleep in the afternoon.

One day when Melanie was around 5 years old she and her friend decided to play hairdressers. Well, her little friend had bottom length long, dark hair, quite spectacular really (all of her friends said so !).  Melanie was feeling very creative this particular day. As a matter o f fact I think it was the day she discovered the meaning of self expression. She decided to give her friend a completely new hairstyle....after all it would grow back wouldn't it ?

So the beautiful long mane of hair was shed, just as a snake sheds it's skin.  Melanie chopped and chopped and chopped some more. She was feeling very enthused by the whole experience. WOW she just loved her work !!!
Too bad her friend's mummy and daddy didn't though......

Melanie found herself in a mountain of trouble with a varied assortment of people. She was sent to her room where she thought about what she had done.  After having a conversation with herself about her "naughtiness", Melanie decided that it would be safer to  stick with cutting her Barbie dolls hair in future. It was a whole lot easier too and it would be less trouble for herself.

So today her vintage Barbie collection shows her early creative skills with  her Barbies sporting an arrangement of bob cuts and Farrah Fawcett flicks. She giggles to herself at the memory of these days and knows that indeed she shall go down in history as "that naughty girl who cut her friends hair off into a very short buzz cut !!"

and her creative spirit still lives on today.......

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  1. that is hilarious. How could anyone be cranky at such a cutie. You little troublemaker you...