Thursday, 7 July 2011

Antique Tea Set From Victorian Times

Once upon a time there was a very beautiful teapot........
The teapot lived in a quaint little cottage in a pretty tree lined street. It shared it's home in the china cabinet with many other china teacups,teapots, sugar bowls, creamers and fine silver.
It was the most treasured possession of the lady of the house.  She absolutely loved this teapot and she thought the tea it brewed was the best tea she had ever tasted.  

The lady of the house often wondered where her little teapot had lived in it's life. Surely another lady had once been as proud of it as she was.  She had happened across the little delight whilst wandering through a quaint little antique store. Once her eyes had clapped upon it she declared that it would be hers. The old lady selling the teapot told her that it was from Victorian times and that it was in such beautiful condition. She was thrilled that the teapot's new owner loved it so much as she had wanted to keep it for herself, but had eventually put it out for sale. China from the Victorian era was getting increasingly hard to get. Victorian china was so fine and delicate and much of it had smashed over the years.

Not long after this day, the lady of the house was visiting the same little store and found a little Victorian tea set that could almost have been part of the set that the teapot had come from. Unfortunately it wasn't from the same set but even the shopkeeper commented on how close the match was.

So today, the little tea set and teapot live side by side in the china cabinet and the lady of the house uses it on the very best occasions. When she has finished with it, she then lovingly hand washes it and places it back behind glass doors so that generations to come may have as much pleasure in using it as she does. 
and she was very happy
and she went on to drink lots of tea

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