Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Alice Meets the White Rabbit

....and so the story continues.

Alice loved to readshe loved nothing more than curling up on a comfortable chair and reading tales of faraway places. She was forever being told by her teacher to stop day dreaming in class. She couldn't help it though.......a butterfly would pass her schoolroom window and all of a sudden her imagination had run wild. It had taken her to a wonder filled fairy garden where pixies and fairy babies lived and pretty pink deer wandered carelessly through flower fields.  Lets face it, she would much prefer to be chasing butterflies than sitting in some stuffy classroom anyway.

So one fine day, she was sitting in her back garden reading to her twin brother......WHEN......
"Oh dear!  oh dear! I shall be late," came a worried little voice.

Alice and her brother looked up to see a tiny white rabbit run past. They looked at each  in bewilderment.   THEN......Up hopped Alice, she scrambled to her knees and ran after the rabbit. THIS was something not to be missed.  Her little imagination was running wild with opportunities and ideas. She just HAD to find that white rabbit.

She searched this way.....and she searched that way...
Where had he gone ?

and then she saw him....

He was a strange white rabbit. He spoke in strange rhymes and seemed quite concerned about being late to a tea party with somebody called the Mad Hatter......how strange thought Alice !  It was then that she decided to follow this little white rabbit as she simply HAD to go to this tea party.....SHE ADORED TEA PARTIES !..... and so as her twin brother sat wondering what trouble his sister was about to get into, Alice had already slipped into a seemingly endless tunnel of darkness and found herself with a mighty THUMP in a very green, grassy field full of butterflies and flowers.

She had indeed found WONDERLAND, the place that her imagination took her to each day of her life !
and so her adventures had only just begun....what wonderfully amazing surprises would lie in her wait. What WOULD she find in Wonderland.

to be continued........

Photo shoot situated in the beautiful gardens of Fernwood Terrace http://fernwoodhightea.com.au/

 White rabbit card from 'As If By Magic'
fashions by Rosies Closet
Pretty pink set of 3 deers from 'Rosies Closet'

fairy tutu and wings from 'AS IF BY MAGIC'

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this adorable fairy skirt and wing set
will be drawn this Friday

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