Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The Mad Hatter's Teaparty

Alice loved tea parties !!


Alice came to land on a hard patch of grass. "Ouch !," she cried.
She looked up only to find herself in a little piece of heaven. Wonderland was a beautiful place. Birds tweeted happily in their nests and little mice scampered past chatting away to each other. 
This little place was so enchanting and magical.

After walking for some time Alice happened upon a decadently laid table with pretty pink cupcakes, little sweets and pots of tea served in tiny china cups.  Her eyes were dancing with delight, she simply needed to join in this fine little tea party !

These pint sized cupcakes are some of the many treats that are served at Fernwood Terrace.  YES they do taste as good as they look..yummy

I absolutely adore this beautiful Trelise Cooper Kids skirt. It is made of the softest organza and has the prettiest gold sequinned bows stitched all over it............if only it came in grown up sizes I think I would happily join Alice and skip up the garden path. Find this beautiful skirt and pink ruffle shirt from Rosies Closet. A beautiful store that is fit for a princess....and a little prince !

Sadie dressed by ROSIES CLOSET

This cute as a button childs sea grass wicker chair
would look gorgeous in a babies nursery with a teddy or dolly sitting on it. This cute chair is available for sale at Coliseum Antique Centre.

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