Thursday, 25 August 2011

Alice's Fairy Adventure

After the Mad Hatters Tea party
Alice began to get restless. She really needed to stretch her legs and go for a little walk. After bidding fare goodbye's to her new friends she wandered off towards a little gated garden........

A tiny little white iron gate stood before her. As she reached to push open the gate, she noticed the sweetest little blue fairy wings lying at her feet. They were sitting on a small bed of purple violets. The scent of the sweet violets wafted deliciously through the air as if they had not long been tread on by a passerby. 
Curious, (as our Alice was) she picked up the little wings and wondered who they belonged to.  Perhaps they belonged to the fairy queen herself ?  Again Alice's imagination ran wild, the possibilities were endless.
With a smile on her face Alice decided to try the wings on....and guess what ? They were just the right size.

So off she went........swirling and buzzing through the little flower garden!

A little further along the path she found the tiniest little tea cup and saucer she had ever seen.  Then she noticed under a patch of pansies, a teacup full of little cakes. 

It was becoming obvious that she had found Fairyland.......

Alice was so excited she could barely contain herself. She had wished her whole life to be in this wondrous place ! 
She had been dreaming about it forever !
Alice let out a happy little laugh, she kicked off her shoes and did a little leap into the air.
NOW.....if she could just find one of those fairies.....

So off she skipped with a big smile on her face.
and she lived very happily ever after.

                              THE END

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