Monday, 29 August 2011

Antique Child's Lace Pattern

I Love Lace....
I have a white wicker basket overflowing with antique lace.
I love the fine work of this centuries old art. The time and dedication that so many women have poured their hearts and souls into is never wasted in my eyes. I thank these women for taking the time to lovingly create these beautiful trims.  They would often sit by candle light in the evenings and sew to pass away the time. They would work a pretty hankerchief to give as a gift or carefully trim the edge of a tablecloth for their tables. 
Young girls were taught this art at school and would often design their own lace as a school project.

Last week I was delighted to find this precious handrawn lacework pattern designed by a young girl. It is dated April 23rd, 1813

What a beautiful piece of history. 
You will find this beautiful piece at Coliseum Antiques

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