Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Antique Toys....The Pretty Victorian Doll

This wonderful display of antique toys
caught my eye at Coliseum Antiques.  This particular stall holder has the most interesting pieces, she has a real eye for quality and display. This old bureau was a showcase of beautiful antique toys and Victoriana.  This stunning lady is a  Victorian wooden peddler doll. She is in amazing condition for her age and comes with additional clothing which any collector would be thrilled with. 

I love the colour palette in this bureau, the blues, greens, brown and creamy whites look so pretty together
I can just see this antique wooden horse and Noah's Arc sitting on a shelf in a baby's nursery.

and these were my very favourite....
A Victorian child's little boots. These would have suited a two year old child and were so heavy. They are handcrafted with strong and sturdy leather and had what resembled a metal rim and heavy soles. It is beyond me how a little one would have been able to walk in them. They were just so precious and a reminder of times long ago.

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