Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Blind Boy At The Sweet Stall

Today's French Blue and Peachy Pink story comes to you with no pretty pictures, no colour, no sparkles or even one trace of a flower.

and now I'll tell you why....

Once upon a time there was a young boy and a lady.
The young boy was a happy-go-lucky boy who loved a good old chat.  
The lady was a compassionate, caring lady who loved to take care of others.

The two strangers met up at the boys school. They were introduced and straight away they hit it off. The lady was quite surprised at how happy and friendly the young boy was. She had seen him around before and had said hello but they had never spoken.
The boy was your average young schoolboy, he seemed to enjoy school and said he liked to learn. He was cheery and spoke well and was not shy in the least. One difference set him apart from the other children and that was his sight. The boy was completely blind.

The day the pair met, there was to be a wonderful thing happening at the school. There was to be a sweet stall at lunchtime in the playground. All of the children were buzzing around in excitement and lining up to choose their sweets. No one wanted to miss out on the best selection so they were rushing to get there first.

The young boy however was not in the least bit feeling rushed. He ate his lunch leisurely, sipped his drink and then when he was done he began the journey down the stairs, across the playground, a toilet stop and then made his way to the sweet stall.

The tap tap tap of the cane on the ground and the feel of the staircase rail  was the first thing the lady noticed.  With ease he made his way out to the playground. The lady gently held his elbow to guide him on his way. She was very aware that the boy probably didn't want to appear different to others, so she wanted to respect his feelings. At the same time she was very aware that the boy needed guidance.
He asked where the iron mesh fence was, this told him that he had reached the toilets. His little head swayed from side to side when he spoke and a beautiful smile never left his face the whole time.  He was happy to have met a new friend and converse.

The lady was completely in awe of this child.  She asked if he had any nice friends.
"Yes I do now that Timmy has started at the school, before then I didn't really have anyone to play with".
The lady's heart felt like it had skipped a beat. At times in her life she felt low and miserable about things and always wished for better things to come. This child had been born without one of the most sacred gifts ....eyesight.  Yet, he was happy and cheerful and full of hope. He knew no better, nor wanted differently. He moved from place to place trusting strangers to guide him safely to the places he needed to go.  It is special people like him in our world who are put there as silent angels to make the world a better place. They remind others about how fortunate they are. They remind you to appreciate every little thing about yourself. They make us realise that our problems are mere speedhumps and not a major catastrophe.

The boy and the lady continued on, the  lady gently guided him towards the sweet stand. Other children were happily chewing on yummy sweets and running around showing their friends what they had bought. The boy patiently waited until it was his turn. He finally reached the table and he stood there.

Time stood still for the lady, she all of a sudden realised that the boy had absolutely no idea what was being served.

He couldn't see the colourful packaging or bright colours of the  sweets on offer.  He had absolutely no clue. All of the other children had bought bright coloured tubes of fruity sherbert, they seemed to be the most popular item to buy on the stall.  Slowly, she began to tell him about all of the tasty treats that were sitting on the table.
"What is sherbert?" he asked
"Well, sherbert is kind of sugary sweet sand that falls through your fingers when you pick it up. It tastes yummy and from the looks on the other children's faces it's been a very popular choice today ," came her response.
"Ok, I'll try some but I'm very interested in the cupcakes too," he said

The lady smiled at his innocence. She handed him a cupcake and his sherbert straw and they moved over to a seat nearbye.  His face was lit up in excitement and he began to eat his tasty treats. 
Not a word was spoken as she sat there. He slowly chewed and was in no way rushed to finish so he could go off and run and play.
He sat and simply enjoyed !

Smiling, the lady took it all in.  An awakening came over her.
Life is too short.
Enjoy every little thing that life has to offer.
Enjoy colours and sunsets and people's faces.
Take time every single day to smell the roses.
Do not be such a hurry to move on to the next task before the one you are doing is complete. 
EVERY SINGLE MOMENT that life has to offer should be grabbed with two hands and embraced.

Each person may  not be born handsome ,or have as much money as the next one but each person has his or her own story. The book of life is written by each separate person. We all chose our destiny, we should make the best of what is on offer to us. Accept each moment as a gift and learn from your mistakes.

This boy was blind...yes !  But you know what....he could still reach for the stars. He could still taste a beautiful cupcake. He could still offer friendship to another human being and most importanly he offered a smile. He smiled at the face of adversity and the lady was so very grateful that she had had the opportunity for him to touch her soul.

and so it was.......the road continued and the path of life was full of great things. Both the boy and the lady would probably have very different lives, but they both stood under the same sun and stars and breathed in the same air. She could see what he couldn't, but he could truly  enjoy the taste of life and all it had to offer. 

and so now you all see why today there is no colour on this page. For the beauty of life is shown not in colour, but in fact it is shown through kindness and love and a warmth of friendship.
Practice random acts of kindness towards others. The smallest gesture can change somebody's day for the better.

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