Friday, 9 September 2011

Funny Photo Friday ....The Cat That DID Swallow The Cream !

Once upon a time there was a little cat named         Martha.
She was a sweet little cat, she was inquisitive, loved to sticky beak and enjoy a scratch under her chin.

It was a beautiful Spring morning, the sun was warming up the day and butterflies and other bugs had been flittering around the garden most of the morning.  Martha had been lazily lying sprawled out on a comfortable chair watching on, (well, maybe watching them when she could be bothered....there was too much sleeping to be done to spend that much time on them!)
Martha had just buried her fury little nose into her chest, to sleep some more when a door opened. With one eye closed and the other opened to see who it was, Martha noticed the lady of the house one by one, bring out pretty plates of cakes, glasses of pink lemonade and ...IS IT ?  PERHAPS ?....YES IT IS....CREAM !!!!!
oh yummmmmm  thought Martha. This is my lucky day !
The lady of the house appeared to be setting out quite the scrumptious little teaparty.......and if it's one thing that Martha loved, it was a teaparty !

So, when the lady of the house turned away for a few moments.......
Martha thought she would quietly creep over to see what was on offer !    

and when the lady of the house spotted her and called out.........
"Nope....wasn't me......don't know what you are talking about !"
Gorgeous old pussy cat tin....all perfectly scratched and perfectly shabby sweet from Coliseum Antiques.

So the lady of the house decided to set her straight.....
"How rude", purred Martha
"Of course cats are allowed at tea parties!"
But it didn't really matter anyway, she had finished off most of the cream whilst the lady of the house had turned her back. She was feeling quite satisfied
 with a nice full tummy of cream she found a nice sunny spot in the garden, got comfy and decided to catch some zzzzzzzz.........

"Who invited the ants?"

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