Thursday, 8 September 2011

Washing Antique Lace

Washing Antique Lace

Whilst washing my linens yesterday I made the most of the sun and washed some of my precious antique lace.  I always handwash my lace with pure soap and luke warm water. I then rinse it really well to remove all traces of the soap and lay flat in the shade to dry.
I spotted this turn of the century hat and coat rack at the COLISEUM ANTIQUE CENTRE.  It is in beautiful condition and waiting for a new home to hang pretty things on it.  I think it would be a perfect addition to a crafters workshop to hang pretty laces and ribbons from.

My favourite piece of lace.......and it just happens to be my favourite shade of Peachy Pink !
I have had it for years now and I am still deciding what to trim with it. It looks as if it has been cut off a nightdress or evening dress. If my imagination runs wild, I can picture a  bridesmaid who was proudly wearing it for her pretty friends wedding day. It is all handmade lace and although it is very old it has been well cared for and does not have any faults.
It would look so gorgeous as an edge trim for a lamp but I am leaning towards sewing up a pretty Summer skirt and trimming the bottom of it with it.

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