Friday, 14 October 2011

I have a lovely friend..

She is one of those really truly nice people who has been strategically placed by the angels to make a difference in the world.
These types of people are often led to a particular place of work where they are bound to meet many people. Even if it's only for a few minutes, then they will make somebody smile and feel special.

Well I have the pleasure of having a friend like that.

Once upon a time...

I was driving happily along to take my children to school. I drove the same route each way, very mundane really, but as the creature of habit that I am that is what I did.
I was thinking about all of the chores that I had to do that day.

  It was then that I noticed the SWEETEST LITTLE STORE I had ever seen.
Honestly if I could have stopped in the middle of the road I would have.  It had a pretty pink sign and it's store window was cheerily offering many Shabby Chic treasures.

All of a sudden, the children had been dropped off at school, I had called my Mother and we were on our way to check out the new treasure trove.
With our noses pressed up against the windows of the store because it hadn't opened for the day, between Mum and I we had already bought most of the contents of the store.
There were pretty home made tableclothes, pretty candlesticks and china teacups full of candlewax to burn.  We had arrived at a little piece of Shabby Chic heaven.

An hour later we were loaded up with several bags of goodies and one very important thing.....a new friend.
Her name was Michelle. She was one of us....happy, cheery, in love with the colour pink and she loved to share a story.

years rolled by....

Michelle made a fuss of my babies, she laughed when I laughed and she would often cry when I cried.
She offered inspiration in her beautiful treasures that she sold and she had a massive following of "pink friends" who would love nothing more than to laze around out the front of the store and drink coffee and have a chat. It was a welcoming place where you could pick up the littlest of pretties even on the "littlest of budgets".

more years rolled by.....

Michelle's business eventually grew so much that she moved to new premises. The  new store was a divine old corner store with the original plate glass windows and window seats.
Out came the cans of pink and white paint and she was off like a rocket.......

and it is still one of my most favourite places to visit.
I often refer to it in my blog and share the pretty offerings it sells today.
The lovely Michelle still sits behind the counter with a smile and a warm greeting and she has a lovely partner now too, to  share the creating with. Together they offer the many women....and men in our town beautiful home furnishings and gifts to make their houses a home.

Michelle loves to collect these beautiful old antique cups and saucers.  I'm not terribly well stocked on knowledge of their origins but I do know that soldiers in the 1st World War would give them to their sweethearts before they left for service.  It saddens me to think of how many of these serviceman had given the last gift they would ever give.

This gorgeous pink teacup set "THINK OF ME"  was the latest little set that I spotted for Michelle. She loved it and happily found just the place for it in her home.

WELL I SUPPOSE YOU ARE ALL WONDERING BY NOW......who on earth Michelle is ????

Well my lovely friend Michelle co-owns

I'll post the link so you can take a peak for yourselves.  I will be featuring photo's of the store next week so stop by and take a look.

Thankyou for stopping by

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