Friday, 11 November 2011

Christmas Feature No.3 Vintage Santa Sleigh and Reindeers

Christmas Feature No. 3

Vintage Santa Sleigh and Reindeer

I was originally going to share this gorgeous little set with you all closer to Christmas, BUT  some of you may want to try to recreate a set of of your own. This Sleigh and reindeer decoration has been lovingly hand made and painted. It has been covered in silvery glitter and the paintwork has yellowed a little over many years but that just adds to it's vintage character.
The sleigh is 3 dimensional and as you  can see it has little gifts wrapped up in vintage Christmas paper sitting in the back for Santa to deliver.

I found this sweet set at AMBLESIDE ANTIQUES in Islington,NSW Australia. 
It may or may not be for sale yet.....I think the store owner was debating about whether to keep it or not for herself.
AMBLESIDE ANTIQUES isn't online but you can contact them on (02) 49621532

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