Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Stepping Outside The Square....Time For Change

As my blog name suggests my favourite colours in the world are FRENCH BLUE and PEACHY PINK.
AND.......Since I was a child I have rarely strayed off that pallet.  A pink bedroom followed me very closely through my childhood years. I am a girly girl, that is for certain. The more frills and flounces the better. 
Pretty Austrian shades (or Balloon Shades as often called) have been my curtain of choice as well. 

In the teenage years I strayed to a soft aqua/blue with pink...not my Mother's choice but she let me have my way.

Years rolled by, I met my future husband and it was time to find an apartment of our own.
I will never forget the day when I hit the jackpot.  The agent who had been house hunting for us called up to say that she had found two brand new apartments right on Sydney Harbour. It was a brand new building and we could have the pick of two apartments.
Bursting at the seam with excitement I drove like a crazy woman over to see them !  I all but ran up all 3 flights of stairs to get to these two apartments !

To my amusement when I walked into the first one, the walls had been painted pink with white trim and a pale grey carpet (well it was the early 90's!).  The other apartment had pale blue walls, white trim and the same grey carpet. 
I laughed to the delight of the agent. "Which one would you like ?" she said

BIG DECISIONS......My 2 favourite colours !  Being absolute waterfront on a pretty little inlet of Sydney Harbour I couldn't lose. Either way I had found our little piece of paradise.

We were so excited we decided to move in while the builders were putting the finishing touches on the place.  I couldn't have cared less that they were there.
I spent any precious bit of spare time making some pretty curtains and searching for new bedlinen.  We were fortunate to have a quite large balcony which was paved and next on the list were pretty potted roses and sweet smelling geraniums.  

Oh......I look back upon those  days and I smile.  They bring very special memories back to me.
I KNOW that living in this beautiful suburb was the beginning of my love for all things antique. The pretty terrace homes and 150 year old sandstone cottages and churches woke up the collector in me.
I would happily browse for hours in second hand and antique stores for little treasures. A bunch of flowers could always be found on our dining room table and handmade soaps and creams were a common purchase at our local Saturday markets.
I LOVED this period of my life.  It was the beginning of a beautiful life for my husband and I and a time where my imagination was running wild with ideas.

Anyhow....enough of my rambling !
I need your help.
We are  renovating our home at the moment (please let it be over soon !)  and my daughter and sons have requested green bedrooms.
I am SO not a green person.....they have had quite the time convincing me BUT I am finally bending !

We have compromised on creamy white walls and woodwork and a pretty sea foam green on the timber floors. The painters have put one coat of paint on the floor and to my delight they look more blue than green......oops !    Now I have to choose a pretty green to paint my pretty antique furniture.
I cannot believe that I am actually contemplating painting these pieces and I know that one day I will come to regret it, however a promise is a promise. They want green they shall have green !


What do you think about the green on this chest of drawers ?  Does anybody have a colour to suggest so I don't need to buy a gazillion pots of sample colours ?


As for curtains, I am thinking of cutting up an antique Marcella quilt and making my own curtains. Not sure yet but I'd like something unique.  Maybe a little hail spot print organza ?
Decisions decisions !  
I really need to scour the internet to find an idea for the style of the curtains  They are really tall windows, painted white and whatever I select will frame the front of our cottage as 2 of the bedrooms are at the front of the house.
Keep in mind that Shabby Chic and Antique is the style of the home.The building itself is 100 years old so it is character filled with a pretty fireplace, dado rails etc..

                        SO FRIENDS ANY IDEAS ?


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  1. we share the same color ideal! i LOVE BLUE!!!! everything is better in blue but i will say that this green is fabulous! eye popping! just plain wonderful!!!!! believe it or not -- i stepped out of my blue comfort zone with a very similar green! ENJOY -- that is why we were given a rainbow -- of course blue us the leader of the 7!!!: ) lol!!!! hugs and enjoy!