Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Shabby Chic Blue Kitchen....A Blend Of Old and New

Shabby Chic Blue Kitchen

When I planned our kitchen I was torn between my beloved vintage shabby chic or a more modern style.
One day a new owner will grace our beautiful home. They may love my style or they may prefer clean lines and a modern look. I think we struck a very good compromise. I think the blend of old and new worked out quite nicely.
We decided to stick to a white palette and then colour could be brought in when my heart desired.

At the moment our kitchen is filled with my french blue treasures. Two weeks ago it was bursting with pink.
A fresh bunch of flowers is enough to make me spend the whole day reorganising and cleaning.
I love that we kept the colour scheme so neutral.

A pretty tea towel or tea cloth on my little table brightens everything up in an instant.
I occasionally bring my very shabby and almost way too chippy table into the centre of the kitchen when I have a friend over and I enjoy sitting in the space sipping tea.
It is bright and airy and I love it.  I still haven't decided on curtains but I'm going to keep them white and possibly use an old antique lace tea cloth. 

Old  meets new,
antique meets modern
and somehow it all works !


  1. absolutely fabulous!!!! i wish i could pop through the screen and share a cup of tea in your very pretty kitchen! has just the right touches to make it beautiful and oh so homey! : ) thanks for sharing!!!! : ) hugs...

  2. I wish you could pop through the screen as well Andrea !! hahaha I would just love to have a cup of tea with you and talk about all things pretty and blue xo
    By the way for some reason I can never leave a comment on your blog. I have tried soooo many times but not sure why.....others don't have a problem so it's obviously on my end. I have been loooving your latest posts ! Stay tuned too because I have the prettiest free giveaway coming up and anybody in the world can win xo