Friday, 16 December 2011

Christmas Cottages.....Pretty Blue and White

Christmas cottages......

As promised I bring you my own Christmas cottage collection.  I collect a new piece each and every year.  I set it up somewhere different each year. This year I have it on an antique wooden hat box. I scatter 'pretend snow' around the ground and build little paths between all of the cottages with my finger tips. A little angel stands at the doorway to the very pretty french blue chapel (the chapel is my favourite piece in my collection).  A lone sheep wearing a teensy gold bell and a blue ribbon bow around his neck strolls around the little village.......

Of a night I light some little tea lights and scatter them among the cottages and it looks like an enchanted evening in fairyland....

Don't you just love the sweet little wreaths hanging above the front doors.


  1. simply fabulous and that little sheep -- to die for!!! thank you for bringing some very needed sparkle into my morning! sending you and yours holiday hugs!!!!

  2. Bless your heart Andrea ! Sometimes I feel as if you are my only reader on this blog. You are forever commenting ! lol Everybody else is as quiet as church mice. Quiet little things they all are. Thankyou for taking the time to comment, I love reading your little messages. One day next year we will have to do a little craft swap with each other and I'll run a story on it.
    I'm so happy that I brought a little sparkle into your morning......did it go well with your cup of tea ? xo