Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Day 3 - Displaying Your Collections Of Ribbons and Lace

Displaying Ribbons and Lace

Don't keep your pretty ribbons and lace in your cupboards !
Bring out your prettiest pieces and display them in glass jars, pretty plates or crystal bowls.

Once again as I mentioned in yesterday's story, stick to a colour scheme and make the piece that you are displaying your feature, NOT it's display vessel. 

 As pictured above, I have kept the colour palette very soft and I have chosen a plain white doily to sit my display on. If I had have used a doily with a print on it then it would have looked too busy. Simple is best.

Buttons are no exception !........choose your prettiest ones or ones that compliment the displays colour scheme.

and as I pass through this little corridor in my home I admire my treasures.

Tomorrow on FRENCH BLUE AND PEACHY PINK I will be sharing ideas on how to display your beautiful crystal.

SO tomorrow pull your Grandmother's old crystal out of the cupboard, wash it in some soapy water, shine it up with a tea towel and be ready to be inspired !

See you all then xo


  1. Pretty! Love love LOVE the glass jars of ribbons - they just look gorgeous!

  2. You must have milions of pretty scrapbooking pretties you could fill glass jars with Aunty Vera. Even big old coffee jars would be need to spend a fortune. Just use what's in your cupboard x

  3. Yes I have many jars of prettiness! And pink buckets too! xx