Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Day 2 - Displaying Your Collections

Day 2 - Displaying Your Collections
Today  I want to show you all how I display my glove collection.
I used to keep them in a special box and get them out from time to time to admire, but felt they were wasted and I wasn't able to enjoy them.
This is the idea that I came up with to display them so I could enjoy them every single day.  When I am tired of this display I simply change it.
This idea is great for those people who may live in a smaller home or apartment with very little space to display their items.  I think they would also look sweet hung in a small bedroom window.
TIP -  When creating a collection display such as this, try to colour co-ordinate and evenly space out items.
I hung the longer gloves from the lower line of lace so it didn't look top heavy.  Use your favourite colours as I have and keep the lengths of lace or string shorter rather than 1 long line.
You could hang a hankerchief collection, lace, cards, aprons etc.....

See you all tomorrow for more ideas for displaying your beautiful collections.

Enjoy your day !  xo


  1. how gorgeous!!!!! you do the prettiest things my friend!!! how beautiful! how romantic -- how fabulous!!!!!!!!!!! i just adore your creativity and your gentle spirit! sending you tons and tons of hugs this morning but alas it is evening for you!

  2. Thankyou girls it is lovely to hear from you both xx