Monday, 16 January 2012

Day 1 - Displaying Your Collections

This week on French Blue and Peachy Pink......

I have to admit I am a teensy bit of a hoarder !  
I collect antiques of all descriptions. Lace, linens, crystal, china, silver, greeting cards .......that's to name but a few.

I may love to collect but anything I buy must have a purpose.  I just don't see the sense in having things lying around in cupboards and drawers collecting dust.

SO, this week I thought I would share with you all, how I have displayed some of my pieces so that I may enjoy them on a daily basis rather than having them all tucked away in the back of my cupboard.

This memory board has a glass front on it which allows for easy changing of my displays as desired.
At the moment  I am displaying a gorgeous antique silk and lace peachy pink bonnet and a sweet Victorian era greeting card.

I have displayed old beaded vintage evening bags, greeting cards, sprigs of violets from my garden and gloves from my collection.

Nothing gets dusty, I can enjoy my keepsakes every single day and when I am tired of a display I simply change it.

Tiny pins hold all of my treasures safely in place.

This memory board case has lived in many areas of our home. It has been on the wall and even in my kitchen displaying my Grandmothers old recipes in it. At the moment it is on the mantle piece of our fireplace.  It is versatile and light enough to move around and it's a neutral colour so it allows my treasures to stand out and not the board itself.

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