Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Making A Dream Come True very quiet

Can you hear my angel ?  She is flapping her wings with excitement !    She is excited because I listened to my heart.  I have put myself first for a change..........and I am following my dreams.

                          Hello friends !
GUESS WHAT ??   I have an update for you all on the wonderful 'Imagine the Possibilities' challenge that my friends Andrea from the COTTAGE MARKET and Karianne from THISTLEWOOD FARM were offering their readers.

They challenged their blog friends to challenge themselves and begin and complete a project that really needed to be done but perhaps they had dwelled on and never quite gotten around to. It could be a craft project or learning a new skill......anything at all.

Anyway......this challenge came at the same time as I was contemplating doing something exciting for myself. Something that I had been talking about doing for almost forever but had always put on the back burner because of something or other. 

So this is my story..........

Once upon a time when I was a little girl I used to watch my Grandparents lovingly nurture and tend their garden. When we paid them a visit, my Grandmother would take me out into her garden and tell me the names of all of her flowers. I would stand beside her, all ears, absorbing all of the information.  Sometimes she would pick me a little posy to take home to put in a little vase in my bedroom.  Pansies were always my very favourite. I loved the pinks and purples and their velvety petals.  Snapdragons were my next favourite because she taught me the little trick of holding them in a particular way to make the little flowers open and close their tiny mouths. I thought this was soooo magical.  I so wanted a little fairy to spring out of the petals !

On the other side of my family, my other Grandmother didn't keep a garden. She lived too close to the beach and the salt spray would kill any little plant that she wanted to grow. Her sister however, (my great aunt) whom I adored lived further away from the beach in a tiny ground floor apartment. She kept a small garden but it was tended with such love and devotion that  you would think it was in a botanical garden. Bright red, pink, yellow and peachy coloured roses bloomed merrily away in this little patch of love. My old Aunt cherished every single one of those roses and I know just how excited she was to carefully snip a bloom or two and share them with somebody special.

Every Sunday afternoon my Grandmother would visit her dear sister (my Great Aunt) and spend time chatting and drinking tea.   When it was time to leave, very rarely did my Grandmother leave my Aunts home without a bunch of roses destined for me.
My Aunt would choose the prettiest of blooms with the sweetest of fragrances for me. I was 7 years old and will never forget the love that was sent to me in those roses. My beautiful Aunt lived well into her 90's and I know a big part of her living to be such a ripe old age was because of her connection to her garden.  She so cherished every moment that she spent in it.

SO all of these years later......

I find myself with this nagging thought right in the back of my brain . It  often comes when I dig in my garden, it comes when I pass a beautiful florist shop and stop to admire the flowers.  Most of all it comes when I sit alone wondering what I will ever do with myself when my children are all grown up. 
As you all know I have great passion for flowers and you often find me snipping rose blooms from my garden and making pretty displays to brighten up our home.

My angel has been listening patiently for all of these years. She has listened to my inner voice and has silently been sending me signs that it is time to out and live my dream.

So this week I decided to make my angel smile and my heart sing.  I filled out all of the particular forms and enrolled into a course of Floristry. I begin very soon and I am bursting with excitement.
I will be sure to share my journey of discovery of this new path that I am undertaking.  I cannot wait to learn about these pretty little offerings from above that bring the world so much pleasure.

Most of all, I am living out one of my dreams, I am not leaving this dream in the back of my heart. Dreams deserve to be lived and each and everyone of us have it inside us to make these dreams come true.  

DREAMS ARE FREE........but it takes our hearts and minds to turn them into reality  xo


  1. Thank you for sharing your inspiring story. I too have a love a flowers. One house I lived in, my dad planted over 100 roses! I would go out and pick a big bouquet and bring it to school, the nuns kept falling over themselves to get me to bring them a bouquet, it was kinda funny when I think about that now. Good luck and follow your bliss. Visiting from

    1. That's so funny ! I can imagine the nuns doing that. I used to work with nuns many years ago now and they just looooove their flowers ! Thankyou for visiting x

  2. Thank you so much for sharing such a great story. I love your ending...dreams are free!

    Thanks so much for linking up to the challenge!
    Karah @ thespacebetweenblog

  3. Thanks Karah ! Lovely to meet and hear from you. It's been so fantastic seeing the end result of the challenge. Can you believe that so many people stood up to the challenge ? I was brilliant !

  4. So excited that the challenge has you embarking on fulfilling your dreams! So wonderful that you have taken the first step on your exciting new journey!

    And thanks so, so much for joining our Impossibilities challenge!