Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A Posy Of Pears

My lovely friend Miss M is selling her family home

As you can imagine with 2 children and a menagerie of animals in tow, her and her hubby have their hands full.

So on the morning of Antiquing Saturday I hurried on over to their home to help with the preparations for their first 'Open for inspection'.
First point of call for the day was a trip to the florist. There is nothing quite as cheerful as fresh bunches of flowers around ones home to make you smile.
So,  in the space of 5 minutes we had shopped and left the store with armloads of beautiful fresh flowers to help showcase their home.

We chose bright reds, greens and whites to compliment Miss M's colour scheme.   On our drive back to her home with our bounty I sent her into the local fruit and veg shop to buy a big bag full of green pears to add a bit of interest to our displays.

A pretty bunch of flowers brings a smile to any ones face but for a change, try making a pretty fruit inspired Posy. If you are lucky enough to have a pear or apple tree in your garden, snip off some of the shorter branches and bring them inside and place in big over sized jars.  They make such a gorgeous display !

Miss M has a garden full of 'Grandfathers Whiskers'.  These wispy grey fern like sprigs of prettiness often grace the centrepieces of my tables. It grows hanging off trees and needs only a quick hose of water and a little blood and bone to survive....easy !   I have tonnes of it hanging under my lemon tree and from the lower branches of my rambling rose bushes.
 I love to wind the 'Whiskers' around and around so that they form a little nest. I then pop it into a pot (as pictured in my photo's) and pop a little wooden bird or some ornamental eggs into the makeshift nest (or in this case I used pears.)
You could add a tiny feather or 2 or maybe a snip of pretty lace to the nest to give it interest.  

We created this little table on her back porch.....
It looked very pretty and gave the potential buyers of their home a feeling of being at home and a welcoming feel.

We set out cups and saucers and I popped my pear arrangement into the middle of the table as a centrepiece. My trusty green wicker basket was filled with magazines and the daily paper to really ignite the homely feel.

The feeling we wanted to create must have hit the spot with one visitor because as Miss M was peering through the fence from her neighbour's home, a lady was taking photo's of our little table !      (We had to laugh!)

and the minute my green wicker basket was emptied after the visitors had all left...........more little guests arrived. But these guests were the fluffy, purring type.


So that was the first open for inspection prettying up story !  Hopefully our little touches helped in the marketing area and captured a few hearts. Miss M's home goes to auction in a couple of weeks so hopefully there will be a few nibbles for them.  I am sure that there may be more opportunities to pretty things up before then, so I'll be sure to share with you all again.

                               Have a beautiful fun filled day


  1. what a FABULOUS job you did!!!!!!! this is so fabulous!!!!!! i LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS on going back to school...i am dancing and singing for you! whooooooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooo oh the creations your are going to make! i can't wait to hear about all the steps involved...a 2 year journey to follow -- i am so excited for you! : ) i didn't get the email though : ( it is www.thecottagemarket@gmail.com -- please try again so i can send you your pretties : ) sending BIG (((HUGS))) and much love!

    1. I sent it again.....crossed fingers. Let me know if it reaches you x