Friday, 27 January 2012

'A Mother's Work Is Never Done'

               'A Mother's work is never done'

.......and isn't that the truth !  There is cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing and that's even before we get to the children !  lol

This is the little treasure that I let you all have a sneaky peek at earlier in the week. Isn't she pretty !   She was sitting on a dusty shelf of a great old antique store in the city and when I saw her across the 'crowded' room I knew she was mine.  Goodness knows I could use a little bit more girl power in our house of blue !
I haven't decided where to keep her yet, but with my large brood I could understand loud and clear what her little message meant. 
At least in my hour of need I will have somebody in the house who sympathises with me !  lol

So that my friends winds up a very busy week on French Blue and Peachy Pink.

This weekend I am looking forward to sitting on the beach with a good book with my toes squiggling in the sand.
I am looking forward to laughing with my children, kissing them goodnight, seeing their happy little faces and enjoying the peace at night with my beautiful husband.

I will be helping out Miss M again with her next 'Open for inspection'  with her home for sale. I am looking forward to buying another armload of fresh flowers to brighten up her home

and most of all I will laugh !

May you all have an amazing weekend.

Thank you for your friendship and lovely comments.

Thanks for visiting !

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  1. sending you tons of pink hugs my friend!!!!! see you at the party : )