Monday, 30 January 2012

Pretty Peachy Pink Fireplace

This is the fireplace at FRENCH BLUE AND PEACHY PINK.  It is an old fuel stove from the turn of last century. We don't actually use it, as it burns coal and not wood but it is still one of my favourite features of our home.  When my children were small they used to poke their little noses inside and check to see if Santa Claus was up there ! Cute !

The cute little fire screen was a gift from a friend and I made a simple white organza hail spot curtain to attach to the back to help stop little fingers from poking around.

I love this peachy pink jug cover and it really stands out against the crystal. We painted the mantel a warm creamy white and the hearth a traditional black. The black hides 100 years of coal dust that sifts down from the chimney from time to time.  I often imagine the original owners of our home sitting by the lovely warm fire. Mother weaving lace on her looms and Father smoking his pipe and reading his paper.    A fireplace brings such warmth and a feeling of love to the centre of a home. Just lovely !

I love the combination of china and crystal.

They look so pretty up against the bevelled mirror on the fireplace mantel.

Today Miss Peachy Pink has been soooo busy and she needs  to take her beauty sleep. I will look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

So until then  xo


  1. How gorgeous and oh so pretty PINK!!!! you are so talented my friend! you really rock!!!!! let me know when the little package flies in! : ) sending tons of hugs!

  2. Melanie,

    I love your fireplace. Don't you think that fireplaces always add so much character to a home? Beautiful pink accents.
    PS Thanks so much for the supportive comment on my blog! It meant so much!