Thursday, 16 February 2012

THURSDAY FLOWERS, TUTORIAL .......Shabby Chic Pretty Florists/Gardeners Tool Kit Belt


                        'Thursday Flowers'
As many of you know I have recently gone back to school.  I have decided to follow my life long love of flowers and study Floristry.
I am loving the course and thought I would share my journey with you.     
each Thursday I will share my weekly floral arrangement, share a useful flower tip or simply share photographs with you all.

My very first 'Thursday Flowers' brings you a very simple tutorial to make a florists or gardeners tool kit. 

Forgive me for no measurements as I made this late one night but really measurements can be made up as required

I began my Florists tool kit with 2 very pretty 'Cath Kidston' tea towels. A sweet friend of mine had recently given them to me as a gift. They were way too pretty to use as tea towels so when we were asked at my course to make a tool kit roll I knew exactly what I would use those pretty towels for.

1. Simply turn the 2 tea towels pretty sides facing together. 
2. Pin them together along the hem line to keep them held firmly in place.
3. Stitch along 3 sides (leaving 1 side end open).
4.Turn the tea towels inside out so that the right sides are now facing outward.
5. Stitch up the open end as close to the edge as possible.
6.Lay your tea towel creation flat in front of you.  Fold the bottom upwards towards the desired point. Make sure you leave enough room to safely keep your tools tucked away neatly. Remember to allow enough room for them to poke out of the top so you can distinguish each tool.
I chose to save enough room at the top of my pouch to be able to fold the top section down to keep my tools safely in place.
7. I used trim to pretty things up.  I used antique lace and vintage ribbon to trim. If you prefer it plain and simple then don't embellish at all. If however you wish to add the trim, remember to stitch it on before you sew the sections into place.
8. I worked out how many tools that I would need to hold in my kit and divided up the tea towel pouch into sections.  I required 5 sections and each tool required different sized space so I stitched along to my own requirements.

As you can see, my tool kit can be either folded in half twice over OR  simply rolled up.  I cut a length of ribbon to tie up my pretty little bundle to keep it safely together.  
If you choose to use your pouch for gardening and wish to wear it around your waist then simply add some strong binding and stitch it all across the top end of your pouch . Leave adequate length on your binding to allow a bow at the back for strength. Measure your waist for correct length requirements.

and this stunning lady was my very first flower I had the pleasure of playing with in my class. Isn't she beautiful ? What better way to begin my floral career with than a stunning long stemmed white rose ! 

I hope you all enjoyed my first ever
 'THURSDAY FLOWERS' segment and I will look forward to sharing more with you next week.


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