Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Antique Greeting Card.....Valentines Day

Valentine of the past

and this sweet Valentine came with an extra special little surprise......

'TO DICK FROM JUNIOR'   it reads.

One very loved husband many, many years ago was given the most amazing news on Valentines Day. He was going to be a Daddy !

Isn't it just the sweetest !  
I so wish I had a telescope back to the past to see this Daddy's face when he read his Valentines surprise.   Most Valentines speak of love and devotion but this one came with a tiny heartbeat. So very cute.

The baby born of this card would surely treasure such a piece of history.   I am always so surprised that people part with such precious heirlooms. 
Surely such an act of love should live within the family forever more and not be cast away for a stranger to own.

Never the less I adore this card and will always wonder about the young Mother and Daddy to be who's love was shared in this sweet Valentine.

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