Friday, 24 February 2012

Vintage Fashions........Just So Frilly Fru Fru and Gorgeous

Stepping into 'My 50's Closet' was like stepping back in time.  My journey continues with a visit to a fantastically fabulous vintage fashion store.
'MY 50'S CLOSET' stocks such an assortment of 50's frocks and handbags, kitchen and decorating items and crafty bits and pieces. I have quite a bit to show you from this cute little store, but I will begin today with their fashions.
Whether it be a prom dress or an occasion dress for that extra special high tea you may be attending, I can guarantee you that the dress you are looking for will be hanging on their racks.
I unfortunately missed their Summer fashion parade which was held the day I left to come from from my journey, but the photo's can be found on their facebook page.  The girls LOVE the 50's and their enthusiasm is evident from their 50's hairstyles to their sensible 50's court shoes.

French Blue and Peachy Pink was searching for her favourite colour palette and came up trumps with this beautifully fru fru pale blue pill hat (pictured above) encrusted with silk roses.
The Peachy Pink prom dress came at a very close second.

They keep a range of cute 50's cake toppers and cupie dolls which I will share with you all next week.
Stop by their facebook page and pay them a visit.

Thank you for following FRENCH BLUE AND PEACHY PINK this week.
I am constantly humbled and amazed at the lovely readers far and wide who grace my page on a daily basis.
It shows me that wherever in the world one may be, there is always a little room for some French Blue and Peachy Pink in one's life. From the sandy shores of Australia to the cottage gardens of the English countryside they come.  Your kindness and encouragement make me oh-so-happy !
Sending you all kisses across the miles......get ready to catch them



  1. I love the glimpse into your collections! All of those ruffles....and those hats! Fabulous!


  2. Hello Melanie! Boy that sounds wierd since I'm a Melanie too, lol! I am so happy that you stopped in on my blog, now I can follow you!!! I read your info and I feel the same way. I have always loved old things, distressed looks and love being a mom and a wife. I too am so blessed to have such a wonderful family that let's me have all of my pink and blue. Isn't that just neat that we share the same things and have the same name?!!!