Monday, 27 February 2012

Antiquing Saturday Finds Something Special

Antiquing Saturday

This antique water carrier jug is soooo gorgeous !
I just adore the colours, it is in amazing condition considering it is from Victorian times.
I wanted her badly but decided to set her free for somebody else to love.
What a perfect piece to use as a mantle feature full of flowers !

I have never seen one of these water carriers before and can only imagine they would be quite hard to find. I did pick up a card of the dealer who was selling this piece so if anybody loves it and would be interested in a price I can pass the details on to you.

               I am sure you will all agree that she is a treasure ! 


  1. My dear Melanie,
    I am so glad you are with me in my addiction. I suspect there are many, many of us out there? I will make a post someday asking for members to join us. I will tell you, I not only have bits and pieces but yards and yards. I always would pick them up on sale with the excuse of possibly needing a quilt back. I am actually horrified at all I have. But, (sigh) I'll just have to try to live with it! :)

  2. Julie I have just finished clearing away a weeks worth of sewing and the house is filled with cotton and fabric scraps. You are so lucky to have your own place to put it all. Mine spills out of every single hidey hole ! lol xx