Monday, 26 March 2012

French Laundry La- La

This morning there came a knock at the door....

my friendly postman smiled, gave me a hearty greeting and left me with this little parcel.
Super excited I tore off the wrapping and inside I found this beautiful package from My French Laundry

A couple of weeks ago I entered a free giveaway and LUCKY ME ! 
                               I won the beautiful prize.
It was a whole box of gorgeous French Laundry Powder from
                                 My French Laundry.

So I took the children to school and rushed home to get started ! 
I mean....whoever on earth gets excited about doing the washing !
                                             ME !
Well it helps when a girl finds herself with a box full of lovely washing powder to do it with.

and what a pleasure it was.......enjoy the eye candy !

It was so hard to decide which one to choose first......
But Tuberose won the race and didn't she smell amazing !


So I filled up a large basin with lukewarm water....
                    popped the contents of the sachet in
                                   and swished the water around
One by one, I dropped each vintage glove into the water, lovingly washed them, rinsed them out and hung them from my clothesline to dry.  The smell took over the whole garden. I am sure that the neighbours would have been enjoying the fragrance wafting over their fences.

This is my pretty parcel..

Now tell me dear friends


There were so many to choose from.
They sell beautiful products from washing powders to linen sprays. 
They have certainly won me over !
So thankyou sooooo much

I will be placing an order with you very soon.
Go  and take a look at their beautiful website. Mothers Day is soon approaching and every thing they sell is a Mothers delight.

(and if MY MUM should be reading this........please don't look at their web page, you may very well spoil your surprise !)


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    1. sniff are such a sweety !
      I wish we lived closer so I could give you a big hug xx