Friday, 23 March 2012

The Sweetest Little Easter Nests.....Craft Tutorial

Dear God,

If ever I come back to the earth and I happen to be a bird, then please let me live in a pretty nest just like this one. Let it be set way on top of a pretty china teacup and within site of a pretty rose bush or two..............

Easter fever has hit in our household !  It is perhaps one of my most favourite times of the year. 

There is nothing I love more than Easter crafts and especially ones that I can share with my children.  Over the years I have taught Easter crafts to my children's school classes. we grow 'Bunny Grass', scrapbook Easter cards or hanging banners and then my ultimate favourite.......Easter nests !

These nests are such little cuties. They are such an easy craft to do with children and they take no time at all to make.

A couple of days ago I was visiting with my lovely mother in law when I noticed that the vine that I use to make these little nests was growing in the bushland behind her home. I was super excited to see it growing in the wild as I usually put an order in at the florist for the vine.  A large garbage bag full of vine costs me around $30 and it will make approximately 25 nests so it is a great low cost school craft.  The vine itself is called 'DOTTA VINE' , sometimes known as 'Monkeys Guts'.  It is cheap, versatile and easy to twist and turn into shape.

Simply pull a few long lengths of the vine from the bunch. 
Wind it around the end of your fingers to the desired size and twist and turn into the rounded shape of a nest. 

and then of course comes the fun part......

decorating !  You can use snippets of lace, coloured cotton, feathers, tiny Easter eggs.  Try to keep to one theme and colour so it doesn't end up looking too busy.

Eventually the green vine dies off and you are left with dried, brown nests.
This one, (pictured below) is leftover from last year so it isn't looking the best after being squashed in a cupboard for all of that time but it will give you an idea of how it ends up.
It can still look quite pretty though. I have quite a few of them on my porch in little dishes or in the top of pot plants.

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I hope you will all enjoy this simple craft !


It's been such a busy, crazy week here at

I am slightly relieved it is the end of the week.
I have decided that tonight I will snuggle up in bed and watch a movie or read a book. A little bit of rest and relaxation is required.

As always it has been an absolute pleasure speaking to you all and I look forward to sharing lots more Easter crafts and Easter decorating tips with you all next week.
I have so many pretty things to show you all

Love to you all


  1. Oh my goodness Melanie, what a wonderful post. I enjoyed every word. I LOVE the little nest in the teacup. I always end up buying little premade nests or wreaths or raffia or something for projects, and now I am going to look at the garden center for that vine. How lucky you were to find it. See, a bit of serendipity for you too!!!!! I love how it looks green and even when it is old and dried up. Thanks so much for sharing. And thanks for the lovely comment, I am so glad you are liking it. Unfortunately it was a cruddy picture of my girl because I kept getting glare because of the glass, both inside and out, but she is so pretty in person. Just wait till you see how this studio is turning out - I'm a little behind on blogging about it but ohmygosh is it beautiful!!! Thanks so much for visiting!

  2. oh be still my heart!!!! a gorgeous tea cup -- a wonderful nest -- snippets of vintage charm -- sheer beauty!!!! you are a master my friend!!! you just know what to do and what a cinch for sure! do you have any idea how many tea cup nests i can create -- you might have created a monster here : ) lol!!!! thanks so much for sharing with us -- you rock!!!! tons of hugs and night night!!! remember -- i am still in yesterday : )

  3. These little nests are so sweet. Beautiful!! I don't believe I've ever heard of that vine. I want to try and make some with twigs from our backyard. I don't believe I will be as talented as the birds in making mine.

  4. Those easy peasy nests are just darling!

    Thanks for linking it up!



  5. Melanie,
    I love this. What an amazing project! So easy, but so beautiful! Those sweet nests look just like the ones the birds are building outside our windows!

    Thanks for linking up to the party.


  6. So cute, the nests in the tea cups is the perfect little touch. Thank you so much for linking up.
    (I'm not sure if you know you have word verification on?)

    1. Thanks Karah, nice to meet you and thankyou for your lovely comment. I am not so tech savy I am on earth do I get rid of word verification ? lol

  7. I never thought I'd say this - but I want monkey guts!!

    They are the cutest little nests - love them!

    So glad you joined our Cinch party.

    Hoping you have another way to follow other than GFC (I'm on wordpress so no more GFC for me).

  8. haha Kelly. I wonder if they sell in in the States ? I am sure that there would be a good alternative if they don't. Ask your local florist, I'm sure they'll be able to help find something.
    As for GFC.....thanks for that I'll fix that now

  9. LOVE IT!!!!! being featured sweetie! today : ) hugs...