Friday, 9 March 2012

From My Desk....

Sitting here at my desk writing today's post I find myself with a wandering mind.  It's been such a busy week with so much to do and so much to accomplish.  I sit here tired but reflective on the weeks happenings. I have a house full of laughing children around me, my husband has just settled down to enjoy a quiet moment and my cats are purring softly in their chairs.  A storm is brewing outside but the sun is trying ever so hard to keep it's little happy face in the picture.

My eyes keep wandering off and reading and re reading this little affirmation that I have under the glass of my desk.  I keep it there right under my nose as a constant reminder to follow my dreams.  'You already possess everything you need to become great'.............good things will always come to us as long as we work hard and believe WE CAN DO IT !   It may not always be an easy journey , but somehow the hardships make it all the sweeter when we reach our destination.

So what do you all have planned for the weekend ?

I am hoping to make some time tomorrow for antiquing Saturday. I am helping my lovely friend Miss M move house and then hoping to catch a movie.........

DON'T FORGET MY FREE GIVEAWAY DRAWING TO A CLOSE THIS SUNDAY. I will announce the winner on Monday.  Keep those comments coming for a chance to win and make sure you tune in on Monday to see if you have won.

                           Have a PEACHY PINK weekend !



  1. well my friend -- you just gave me the inspiration that i was looking for! your post is just what i needed and i thank you! sending you tons of hugs and love and work is what is on the agenda for the weekend...kind of like every weekend! hugs...

    1. You need to find some time for yourself lovely lady. Make sure you do something fun. Have you entered the Free Giveaway yet ? I don't have you in here xx

  2. Melanie,

    I love this post. You are so right. You already possess everything YOU need to become GREAT. I cannot wait to see you achieve your dreams :)

    Have a wonderful day!