Thursday, 8 March 2012

Thursday Flowers

Wow that was quick.....Is it Thursday Flowers time already ?   Sometimes I think if I blink I will miss a day !  Life is so crazy busy running a house and studying and blog writing and being a mum, a wife, a friend, etc etc etc

Breathe in Melanie.........breathe in !

It is so easy to fill up ones plate with so much that it feels like the plate is about to spill over. BUT we all still keep doing it don't we ?   Is it the city life ? Is it just modern day living ?   I'm really not sure BUT I do know one thing..........When I walk into my classroom I feel this overwhelming sense of peace.  It is all about me, learning new things and  finding myself again. It is such a feeling of liberty I cannot begin to explain.
I can create with my mind, my hands and it truly makes my soul happy. It feels like I have finally come home.
I wonder why it took me so many years to get here.

Remember those days when we were all young and wrinkle free ? We had the world at our feet and no pressures of life upon us.
Why is it that we come a full circle, working a job that we selected as youngsters that we thought we would love doing for the rest of our lives and then all of those years later we find that is got us from A to B but did it really make us happy.

Life isn't about wealth and possessions, it's about true happiness and love.
That is one thing that I am absolutely certain about !

So without further ado I bring you Thursday flowers.....
This is a little something that made me smile yesterday. Some of the photo's are mobile phone quality but it doesn't take the smile away.  Enjoy !!
Loving the vintage flower frog pictured above left.  (A new little collection that I have just started.)


and my very first official bunch of flowers !  Our first floral arrangement.  It was put together and pulled apart 3 times before we were allowed to keep it !  PRACTISE MAKES PERFECT.


  1. Wow, gorgeous!!!! Hugs P.S. I hope you will join us for today's blog hop linky party :-)

  2. You are so right on! People today just rush, rush, rush. They need to take time to say smell the roses. I try to make it a point to give a random individual at 10min of my time a day. It keeps me in-touch with people and makes me feel good to give back. Lovely flowers by the way. Spring is on its way!