Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A Very Lacey Antiquing Saturday...........

Hello lovely friends !

If you love antique lace as much as I do then you are going to loooove this post !

Saturday afternoon saw me having only a small amount of time for Antiquing Saturday, BUT I truly excelled myself with my short amount of time !
With my white wicker basket hanging over my arm, I hit the first antique store with GUSTO. I had no idea what I would find that lovely sunny afternoon but within a few minutes it was evident that my lace supply was about to explode with loveliness.  I found the sweetest Edwardian gold plaster frame with a rounded glass front as soon as I walked in the door. It was a great price, so that would be my first purchase for the day.  I spend what only I can afford on the day and it makes the challenge ever so much fun.  To be honest with you, some of my most favourite finds have been the cheapest finds. Antiquing does not have to cost a fortune. A little imagination and a dip in the bath sees the grubbiest finds looking a million dollars by no time.

So who would like to see what I found ?

These pretty girls are but a few of the precious pieces that I found.
They now live in my lace basket.  I have ideas for each and every piece.  I have ideas swimming around my head....

I love the triangular shaped insertion lace (as pictured above right). 
It is so fragile and dainty. I wonder what it was originally bought for. Maybe it was left over from a beautiful wedding dress 100 years ago ? Maybe it was deemed to precious to use and was bought simply to be admired ? 

It was all so much fun that the next day I went back out again.......and antiquing Saturday turned into Sunday !

There were even more treasures to be found !

I took along my young son........bribed him with lunch and icecream and then tortured him in the antique store for an hour.  He was not at all impressed, as most boys wouldn't be. It's bad enought to go shopping with your Mum at all, unless of course it is something for them ,but most certainly an invisible line is drawn even at the thought of an antique store ! lol
By the time my boys have left home they WILL have an appreciation for fine art and antiques ! (Well that's possibly not going to happen.......but it can't hurt to try !)

and you have just spotted her haven't you ? Yes this pretty little Victorian era bonnet is simply precious !  She was sitting ever so quietly on the counter and when I went to pay for the lace goodies she hopped into my basket ever so quickly and insisted on coming home with me !

There are more pics of her but I will save them for tomorrow......I simply couldn't wait that long to show you all.

I hope that you all enjoyed my finds from Antiquing Saturday and I hope to see you all back here again tomorrow to show you what I else just 'had to come home with me !'

Have a relaxing evening

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  1. LOL! Boys/men are never interested in decor unless it's decorating their domain. I love the triangular lace as well. Very pretty! Nice finds, hope you do something really nice with them.