Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Pretty Victorian Era Bonnet

and here she is......what a beauty she is too !

This sweet ladies bonnet is a vision of pink silk and cream lace. She has pretty pink and blue rosettes around the lace edge. It has been lovingly made by a lady with exquisite needlework  skills. Not a stitch is out of place. The cream lace is so fine and delicate and the silk has a couple of tiny moth bites but otherwise she is in amazing condition for her age.
The bonnet is from Victorian times so it has great age for it's condition.
I can imagine a little mother in her lace nightdress putting this sweet bonnet on to protect her hair while she slept.
She may have just had her weekly hair wash with homemade lavender scented shampoo and a chamomile conditioning treatment. She may have had long hair and sat in the sun for the afternoon whilst doing her needlework waiting for her hair to dry. Then after dinner when it was time to retire for the night, she may have put this dainty little bonnet on and feeling like such a princess, laid down to rest for the evening, having sweet dreams all night long.

It was certainly a great weekend for antiquing.  I love my newly sought out treasures ! 

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and I will share with you  what I have been up to in my course. 

and on Friday I will wrap  up the week with my final finds from antiquing Saturday !......this time I will be sharing antique nightdresses.

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