Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Breakfast In Bed...........Cornishware Breakfast Set

It has been raining almost all week here......

Perfect weather for a sleep in and a bedside treat,

It didn't even matter that I had to organise it for myself.
I set up a little tray of coffee and toast on my favourite Cornishware breakfast set and I hopped back into bed and had a lovely time.
There were magazines to read and a few more zzzzz's to enjoy afterwards !

and this is what I was reading

my most favourite magazine

I have quite the stash of Victoria magazines dated back from 1990
I have culled a few over the years but not many. They have never dated because the style is timeless.
The early ones are my favourite and most read.
I will share my collection with you soon in another in another blog post. I am certain that many of you would also have read this gorgeous magazine.
You can find Victoria magazine HERE

But for now I will share my breakfast in bed with you.
Would anyone like a slice of toast with homemade strawberry jam ?
If you promise not to drop crumbs in my bed I will move over and I'll pour you a coffee !
Do you like my coffee pot ?  It's one of my most favourite pieces in my Cornishware collection.  If you fancy a piece of Cornishware (or TG Green as also called) click HERE

and as I ducked off to the kitchen to grab some milk.........
a little mouse crept in a began to nibble on my toast.

Rest assured I sent him out quick smart !


  1. I having breakfast as I'm reading this post! Toast, turkey bacon, boiled and tea. So, its like I'm having breakfast with you anyway. lol Love, the corning ware set, that such a pretty blue. Enjoy your quiet time.

    1. Thanks Sonya, sounds as though you are having a lovely time as well ! Thanks for visiting and leaving your sweet message x