Thursday, 19 April 2012

Thursday Flowers.......Buckets Of Love

Great BIG buckets of love.......
are what I found lots of, at the Sydney Flower Markets. 
Recently as many of you know I embarked on my first visit to the Sydney Flower Markets as part of my Floristry course that I am taking.
I have many different favourite flowers..........Peonies, Roses, Violets and Hydrangeas being up in the top 4

The roses were what I clapped eyes on first as I walked through the big doors. BIG BEAUTIFUL DAVID AUSTIN ROSES in fact were the first thing the my eyes took me to visit.

I literally stood there gobsmacked !  My friend was chattering away to me but I was long gone I am afraid.  My mind was going wild with opportunities and choice. I had blocked out any noise or voices and was internally jumping to great heights with excitement.  Everyone around me had busy, rushed faces and had some place important to go.

ME.........I stood in the middle of the corridor, closed my eyes and breathed in the beautiful scent.

                                    I TOOK TIME TO SMELL THE ROSES

The world passed by at a great speed..........but I would not move for anybody.........I was smelling the roses !

A sudden bump and a clang of a passing trolley brought me to my senses and soon enough I learnt the hard and fast rules of the Flower Markets. There was only one speed and it was FAST !  The first in were first served, there was no time for dreamers I'm afraid. 

Ok .......enough of the jabbering, I want you to take a peek at my photo's.  Pay close attention to the David Austin roses right below this blurb.........DIVINE !
It's a sea of gorgeous porgeous isn't it ? 
Could you imagine anything more spectacular ?
WOW.......I'm in heaven !

So there they are........and there I was.
Standing like an idiot with a lovey dovey look on my face
smelling the roses !

Somehow I managed to take photo's. A lot of them were blurry because I was balancing massive bunches of flowers in one arm, my trusty clunker of a camera around my neck and taking notes for an assignment with the other.
In a last minute decision of insanity I picked up an armful of branches of Pussy willow which I had been hoping so much to find for my Easter display.   I looked with dismay when I saw the size of the branches. I looked at my armload and shook my head in despair.
BUT the inner shopper in me, the warrior woman who wouldn't leave without her last sought out purchase screamed inside my head
                              DO IT !

Oh what the heck........I picked the branches up, tucked them under my arm and charged down the aisles like a crazy woman......................REWIND.......actually it was more like carrying bags of concrete up a hill on a hot day. It was sheer torture !  BUT  that Pussy willow was well worth the effort. My flowers are all long gone but that Pussy willow is still going strong.  Tiny tufts of white are beginning to poke their heads out of the buds. Each time I pass by the awkward bucket in my corridor and a branch pokes me in the eye, I am reminded of my wonderful day at the Sydney Flower Markets.

                              and I cannot wait to go back !

Madness really !  BUT SO MUCH FUN !!!!


  1. LOL@the clanging trolley bringing you back to earth! These pics are gorgeous! I love roses too, my favorite colors are red and yellow. I'm not surprised your pussy willows are the only flowers standing. I truly think if there were to be an endangerment of flowers and plants...pussy willows and weeds would withstand the test of time. lol Have a great weekend!

  2. oh my friend! this post is filled with so much beauty!!! you are surrounded by what you love all the time and i could not be happier for you! pussy willows are such a fabulous creation of nature aren't they! i am so glad you enjoyed the butterflies! you warmed my heart once again -- now i have to tell you my hummingbird story (if you will see one on my banner) i have to tell you the story behind it soon! sending hugs and love to you and yours! : )