Monday, 2 April 2012

French Blue Easter Decorating

French Blue and Peachy Pink pulled out all of her Easter decorations today. One by one out of the box they came, tissue paper flying everywhere !
It has been a whole year since they last graced my pretty display cupboard and I am always happy to see them all again. 

and Easter wouldn't be Easter without a bunny......

I wonder if the real Easter Bunny has glitter stuck all over him too !
I suppose he may well have if he has been playing in the craft cupboard.


and these little Easter cones are filled to the brim on Easter morning with teeny weeny little eggs and hung from string at the end of the childrens beds.


Doesn't it all look so pretty !

Next Easter job on the list is to organise some yummy eggs and order the fresh hot cross buns !


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