Tuesday, 3 April 2012

How To Trap The Easter Bunny !

"Mummy, lets set a trap for the Easter Bunny, I want to see if he is real !"

Out of the mouths of babes !!

So with those sweet words and a lengthy conversation about how we would tackle this task, we came up with this easy idea !
My little ones wanted to know how the Easter Bunny actually managed to get into the house. Santa Claus quite obviously came through the chimney so naturally they wanted to know how the bunny got in !

This was our plan

We thought if we lured him inside with the smell of fresh bunny grass (sorry, not pictured but you can use fresh grass from the garden or even a carrot top).
These tasty 'bunny attracting yummies' would tempt him into the house.
But how were we to know which entrance he would use?


we decided to sprinkle a light dusting of talcum powder from the front door all the way into the bedrooms.
I KNOW ! I KNOW !  I realise that this was a very messy task and it wasn't for the faint hearted BUT we just HAD to find out ! lol
Luckily we have floor boards and a quick mop could fix the aftermath.

Here are the pictures !

This 'friend of the Easter Bunny' would greet him as he arrived and guide his way to the little chair next to my son's bed so he would know where to leave the prized Easter eggs !

(ssssshhhh............for Mummy's or Daddy's who may try this at home, use a soft fury toy to imprint little footprints along through the trail of powder.)

We left a little Easter Egg sign out just to be sure the bunny knew he was in the right place !

The next morning there were squeals of delight when footprints were discovered ! 
Not to mention some very yummy eggs.....mmmmmmm

This is such a cute way to encourage little ones imaginations. The delight on their faces is just beautiful and well worth the clean up at the end. One small tip......don't blow your vacuum cleaner up with the dust from the powder, instead just use a wet mop for cleanup !

                                          Have Fun !

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