Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Kitchen Displays....Changing Colour Scheme

When we recently painted our kitchen I was super keen to paint the walls a pretty grey/blue colour that we have used in other areas of our home. After being convinced by my Mum (yes you were right Mum !) to keep the walls neutral we decided to go with antique white instead. Mum knows how much I like to move things around and change my look so she was right.

Over the weekend when my silly computer felt like having a holiday and not cooperating I began to clean my cupboards out.
I have an embarrassing amount of china and crockery (and I am serious !).  Anyway, in my cleaning frenzy I came across some pretty jugs that had been locked away and gathering dust for quite some time.  They are now all sparkling clean and are happily sitting in my kitchen.  It's so nice to have some pretty new things to look at for a change.  I love the pale aquas and soft greens and they blend in well with my beloved Cornishware.

This little fishy jug was a pretty little find from years ago. I think I paid $1 for it if my memory serves me well.

This mug pictured above is a favourite of mine.
'Forget Me Not'
I paid $3 for it.....bargain !

and another little forgotten treasure. This pretty rose bowl is from Victorian times and picked up for a few dollars once again. It is missing it's metal ring around the top but I love it anyway.
I paid $40 for it many years ago now.

I don't believe in the old saying 'blue and green should never be seen'. I think that combiation can work really well together if you choose the right shade and neutralise it with a tiny amount of a coordinating colour (I have used lilac, found in the floral print of the china)

I love the new element of colour in my kitchen .

In a few weeks I am thinking of going all pink !

A change is as good as a holiday as they say !


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  1. Melanie,
    That kitchen is a breath of fresh air. Beautiful. I love how serene it feels. You have excellent taste and your colors just perfectly set the mood!
    Thanks for the very nice comment. I hope Hailey will spend many hours there making memories with me. The room is not quite done actually, but will be soon. And yes, I will be saving her note forever, along with all the other things she has given me. I have saved every handmade thing from her (as well as my kids) and tucked them away safely. Lots of the things are displayed around the house. I am such a sentimental dork I can't help myself. I didn't save every scrap of paper, like homework assignments, but anything handmade or colored or painted you can bet I have and will always treasure! I had four kids so I have three boxes of handmades, but I will keep them forever!!