Monday, 23 April 2012

Tea Cup Bargain Hunter

This morning I went strolling through a second hand/thrift store. I was searching through a stack of dusty old cups and saucers hoping to find a treasure or 2.

It's not very often these days that thrift stores seem to have any pretty old china. To their advantage the antique dealers have waltzed on in and made deals to have first dibs on the china that arrives in the donation boxes. Gone are the days when a $2 bargain of the century teacup set happens to be lying there.  Those days seem to be well and truly gone.  Even at the flea markets most people have wizened up to the fact that 'old stuff' genuinely is worth something.
If I am lucky enough to discover something gorgeous at a bargain price, I am almost terrified to turn the piece over to peer at the hallmark stamp in case the seller rethinks the price after seeing my look of delight !  Over the years I have discovered a little turn and hide manoeuvre to check the hallmark stamp. There is nothing worse then when you put your little find on the counter and go to pay and the seller declares that the price must be incorrect and they up it by 200% and you are left standing there with nothing !
So, my well used 'turn and hide manouvre' seems to hide my face that is smiling like a crazy woman and also keeps my bargain looking like it's going to remain a bargain ! 
 (It's amazing the strategies of a seasoned shopper)

I have picked up many a bargain in my time but nothing for a few months I'm afraid. One of the biggest bargains I have found is this pretty 'Royal Worcester' cup and saucer with the pretty green bow on it. I absolutely adore this cup and saucer. I found it in a bargain box for a couple of dollars in a market stall.  I could have squealed with delight when I did my 'turn and hide manoeuvre' !  Royal Worcester for $2.......are you kidding ????? YES PLEASE !

I quickly threw a $2 coin to the seller, refused any paper or bag just in case they spotted the bargain and then I almost skipped away into the sunset !
This morning to my displeasure I found not one single pretty cup and saucer to buy at the junk store.
Disappointment !

There is something sweet about a hallmark stamp. I ALWAYS turn a piece over and look at them. Most of the time I couldn't care less what the piece is worth. The value means little to me. If my heart sings and it makes my heart go pitter pat, then that's my sign of a purchase.  If it happens to turn into a valuable piece then that's a positive obviously but it's not a prerequisite for me.

I would love to know what your biggest bargain find has been ?

See you all tomorrow !

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