Thursday, 12 April 2012

Marie Antoinette Tea Party

My week seems to be floating along on a Marie Antoinette cloud.  This morning a little tea party setting sprung to mind and before you knew it, I had set a little table in my garden and I was pouring tea just like Queen Marie Antoinette did in the movie !

There were no huge, billowy silk and lace trimmed dresses but there were tears of laughter when I decided that I needed more then one model and I suggested that one of my sons step in to fill the seat ! lol
I laughed so much that I cried when he walked out into the garden in a turn of the century lace trimmed nightdress and my lace gloves. (21st birthday photo's for sure !)
He is quite the joker my son, so he turned on the charm and made it into a show of sorts ! lol
I asked him ever so nicely to please close his legs when I had to shoot at table length as ladies never sat with their legs apart.........

It was such a funny site and one that I will never forget. I promised him that no photos of his face would grace this story but I snuck in one of a very flat chested 'lady' wearing the nightdress.

Please join me tomorrow for more Marie Antoinette inspired loveliness ! There will be games and books and other pretties. 

          I will leave you with this little photo of what's to come


  1. Thank you for sharing at my linky party. It's all lovely! Too funny also!!

  2. Your son is definitely a good sport!

  3. So beautiful! I'd love to sit at that table and join you for a cup of tea. :)

  4. Beautiful stuff!!!!
    You obviously are enjoying some sunshine unlike us unfortunate ones here in Cheshire....
    Looking forward to more soon.

    Julia and CatchaDragonfly

  5. Newest follower! If you can get your son to dress up, then I gotta follow you! Drop by for a giveaway honoring my father's 84th birthday!

  6. absolutely gorgeous. Love the lace gloves too. thank you for linking up to the Thursday hop. Sorry I'm behind in saying thank you. My recent post will explain my delay.Hope to see you again this Thursday. xo

  7. OH Mel,

    I just now found this post - hahaha- so adorable! Your son gets the award for above and beyond the call of duty to his Mum!

    As for the post itself...sheer loveliness! Everything is SO pretty!

    Anything tea related is shared with all the tea Tuesday linky parties I hope. They would love this! (You can find those links on all my tea tuesday posts if you need to find them quickly and easily.)

  8. Mel, you made me laugh so much! I just imagined your son sitting there with you, sipping tea in laces...:-D He really must have a great sense of humor! I love when people are not afraid to make fun of themselves...It must have been a lovely afternoon :-D

  9. April Fresh Tea Parties24 February 2014 at 07:36

    Beautiful indeed. I just had a Lil Tea party with my daughter,nieces and grandsons ages 3 & 7. They loved being included. Love love love Tea Time!
    Your pictures are fantastic!