Friday, 13 April 2012

Things To Do At A Marie Antoinette Tea Party

When the teapot is empty and the last slice of cake has been eaten.......
It is time for the fun to begin at a Marie Antoinette style tea party !

Marie Antoinette was quite the party girl but our little tea party was on the quieter side. We pulled out our pretty vintage deck of cards and played a hand or two !

When the last card had been dealt, I cleaned up a little and decided to read my Mary Antoinette novel.....
It was a very relaxing morning !

                        Now for a quiet read of my book..........

Do you like my pretty necklace that I wore to our tea party ?
It is a hand crafted piece that I wore a long time ago when I was asked to be bridesmaid at a friends wedding. It has been tucked away in a safe place for many years but I think I may start wearing it again.
It looks very Mary Antoinette don't you think ?

Well what a big week it has been.
This little 'Marie' is in desperate need of a cup of tea and a sit down.
I am on holidays from my Floristry course for a couple of weeks so THURSDAY FLOWERS hasn't run this week.
I am sure everyone has enjoyed a week of other pretties though and didn't really mind even a little bit !

I hope so much that you all have beautiful weekends with your loved ones and are doing lots of fun things.

I have plans to do lots of sewing and creating.
I have decided to have a market day here at home leading up to Mothers Day to sell my wares.
I have lots of pretty things to make and I am feeling positively charged with creation and motivation to begin.
There will be no time for any antiquing this weekend I'm afraid, but I will be sewing up a storm with lots of antique French Lace.....Pretty !

So without further ado !

Enjoy and stay safe !


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  1. I love your gloves! And what a fun day....a party, cards and a wonderful book. Sounds perfect!