Friday, 6 April 2012

A Peaceful Place To Soothe My Soul

               Every Mummy needs time out
so after a busy week when life has been go-go-go take some Mummy time out , put your feet up and enjoy some well earnt quiet time.

                     This is my quiet space......
                                  no words are required 
                       ssshhhh don't tell the kids where I am !

                So that my lovely friends is my peaceful place.
A place where I gather my thoughts, enjoy my tea and read a book.
                   I'd love to know where your peaceful place is ?



  1. have blown me away! this is so gorgeous! simply divine! oh you have a magic wand in your hands my friend!!! you ASTOUND ME!!!!! thanks for adding a piece of tranquility and beauty into my life -- you are such a treasured friend! sending you love and hugs...

  2. Hi Melaine, thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog. WOW, my dear I'm so Loving your peaceful little place. Everything about is just beautiful, my fav is the weathered look for your bench and ofcourse the pink pucket full of flowers to just relax and enjoy.