Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Crystal Bowl Pin Cushion

Last week I shared my quite size able crystal collection with you all.
Now I'd like to share just what you can create with your dusty, old forgotten crystal dishes.

Some people would completely freak out by the horrid boiling hot glue which was dripping from the glue gun into the crystal bowl........oops !  For those who are faint hearted then I would suggest not reading this tutorial.

For those of you who love crystal and would like to enjoy it not hidden in the china cabinet or in the very back of a cupboard then read on !

*Take your chosen crystal dish (mine was a entree sized dish)

 *Measure up a length of lace or ribbon trim and cut to circumference of bowl

*Choose a pretty piece of fabric and cut into a circle. ( I roughly doubled the radius of the bowl)

*Using a tacking stitch, stitch around the circumference of your circle leaving a 1cm edge to the outside. Stitch around the circle until you almost touch the first stitch. DO NOT tie off the cotton. Instead, (needle still attached) carefully pull the needle and thread until the circle begins to gather up. When half way gathered, gently (taking care not to over stuff and split your stitching) fill your circle with stuffing. When filled, completely pull and draw in your stitch tightly and then stitch up and tie off your circle. The circle should have become a tight ball with no filling spilling out and all stitching intact.

*Next, with a hot glue gun, glue around the sides and bottom of your bowl and quickly pop your fabric ball inside, pressing gently into place.

*I decided to use lace to trim the edge of my pincushion so I glue gunned my lace around the inside lip of my bowl.  It is better to glue section by section to make sure your work is even.

I finished my pin cushion off with a pretty peachy pink ribbon, a boring old flat button and a handful of tiny pearls. I glued it all on and 'Voila'

Pretty......and as simple as pie to make.

This pretty pincushion took all of 20 minutes to make and I think the results speak for themselves.


  1. i so love this project and your crystal! i am doing the same with the teacups : ) i am so so sorry that i haven't been around as much -- life has been crazy here! we have to stay closer in touch -- miss you terribly! hope all the flowers keep blooming in your life! hugs hugs hugs!!!!

  2. Okay...I've read. I cringed. The thoughts of using vintage glass or tea cups to do this project is big on my no, no list. I am faint of heart just thinking about it.

    So then I heard this tiny voice which said.."NanNan put on your thinking cap." Which are the words of my grandson. Brain raced to our local dollar store which most of the time, has few items I would walk out with but seems to have stocked a large collection of glass that looks the patterns of vintage glass. I see a trip to the dollar store, fabric scraps and tons of hot glue on the work table this weekend.

    Thanks for sharing your projects.

    1. Sande the best thing about hot glue is that is can quite easily removed and then your crystal or tea cup will be ready to be used again for it's original purpose ! lol
      I picked these crystal dishes up for a couple of dollars each from a bargain basket at my local antique centre. They weren't a complete set so I didn't feel so bad.
      Happy crafting, I would love to see what you make !

  3. I don´t know how to sew much...what a shame :-) This idea is excellent, I really enjoy your crafts and tips ♥