Wednesday, 23 May 2012

One Of Those Days !

It's been one of those days....

It wasn't all bad I suppose.
I was up at 6 o'clock, had washing on the clothesline by 6.15, all dressed by 6.30, had my cup of tea and beds stripped and washing in the machine by 7am.  A kind of crazy normal start to my day.
Having a large brood of 4 children never leaves for much spare time that's for sure. Lounging around or feeling sick and sorry for oneself just isn't an option.

An hour or so later saw me leaving my mother in law to take care of the domestics and the children and me driving off up the highway to my floristry course.
I breathed a sigh of relief and very much looked forward to the day ahead of me.

On arrival I parked the car and loaded my arms up with boxes, bags and an enormous basket load of foliage to use in the day's arrangements.  I was loaded up like a donkey and should really have done 2 trips to the car and back.
NO.....I had to do it in 1 didn't I !

After dropping the basket choc-o-block full of foliage 3 times and having to stop, put everything down and reload it, I finally decided to drop half of it into the classroom and come back for the rest.
5 minutes later I was settled, organised in class with a fresh hot hazelnut hot chocolate sitting in front of me on the desk.
Finally I could sit, enjoy and relax......

I remember that I have forgotten my folder full of my notes and important papers. I remember it sitting on my desk at home........grrrr.

A kind friend sees me all sorted with some paper and whilst saying thank you to her I knock the whole cup of hot chocolate all over the desk, on to the floor and up the legs of the surrounding chairs !

2 kind souls from across the room spring into action with towels and hot water to mop up the mess and tell me to sit down or go and make another hot chocolate.
I couldn't believe their kindness !
What a pair of sweethearts !

After a little while I began to settle down and catch my breath. The aroma of hazelnuts lingered around for most of the morning and was eventually drowned out by the smell of the divine pink roses that I began to create with.

The scent of the roses and my mind were soon bound together and I felt myself relaxing. 

The day changed from chaos to serenity.......

All went well from here on end UNTIL I was writing this post and the computer !!!
For the love of God, I can only thank blogger, I lost nothing !
I thought I had lost the whole entry !!!
but it remained when I booted the computer back up.
before anything else can happen today, I am going to switch the computer off, climb into my warm bed and ignore the world and everything in it for at least 8 hours.

I shall see you all tomorrow for the next instalment of 'Thursday Flowers' where I will show you the very pretty arrangements I made for my Mum's surprise birthday party.

I might even read this pretty copy of Victoria Magazine while I am in there !
Goodnight all


  1. HUGS!!!!!!

    Hope your well-earned rest came peacefully for you.

    I do find if I look at pretty magazines before trying to sleep I lie there wishing my world different and the possibilities keep me wide awake!

    Hope THIS day goes better for you!


    1. Thankyou Michele ! I actually dreamt about shopping for antiques ! lol I can even shop in my sleep x

  2. LOL! I know it's more fun to read about someone chaotic day than to experience it. When my day starts out like this I want to crawl back into bed and wait for the next day to begin. Between the hazelnut hot chocolate which sounds divine by the way & the roses, you got in a couple of stolen peaceful moments. Can't wait to see the flowers.

    1. Hi Sonya, I should definately have crawled back into bed ! lol
      The flowers will be posted later today. Thanks for stopping in to say hi x