Thursday, 24 May 2012

Thursday Flowers

Welcome to Thursday flowers !
As a lot of you know each Thursday I showcase my flowers from my weeks floristry course.
Last week I arrived in class to find a very pretty assortment of Chrysanthemums, Roses and Geraldon Wax.

We can choose whichever colour combination of flowers that we like.
Each and every person in our class has different tastes so at the end of the day we all have our own individual look with our arrangements.
It is quite interesting actually. Colour combinations that once upon a time I wouldn't have looked at, I now find myself enjoying.
Yellow is not a colour that I usually gravitate towards.  It is pretty but just not one of my favourites.

Last week I chose the colours featured in the accompanying photos because they are among my Mum's favourite colours. She loves the combination of pink and green so I was pleased to see those colours in our choice of flowers.

The pink roses and green Chrysanthemums looked really pretty together but somehow they needed a little lift.  Surprising myself, I headed towards a bucket of bright yellow roses and picked up a bunch.  Together with the pink roses and green Chrysanthemums the yellow roses looked beautiful.
They added a little bit of extra warmth and interest.

Lucky for me there were lots of flowers left over in the class which I purchased to use on the weekend for my Mum's surprise 60th birthday party. I popped the flowers in a bucket of water and put them in our garage fridge.  They kept lovely and fresh for the weekend and brightened up the party room !

These are some of the arrangements that I made.
When the pink roses ran out for my larger arrangements, I made up tiny sprays to give out to some of the guests at the party.

I love green Chrysanthemums, they are so fresh and happy !

and of course.......beautiful pink roses !
I used pink wicker bridal bouquet baskets to place my arrangements in.  They looked so pretty sitting in the vases around the party room. They looked really pretty lining the floor near the doorway as the guests arrived for the party.

I used every last flower head left from my bunches. The little leftover ones that were too short got trimmed up and used in a float bowl surrounded by simple white candles. Once the lights went out they looked stunning.
Even the rose petals that I had stripped off the outer section of the roses were used.

Out of 2 bunches of Chrysanthemums, 2 bunches of Roses and a big bunch of Geralton Wax flowers I had 2 large arrangements, 1 small bunch, 2 small milk jug posies, 2 sprays for the guests and a float bowl.

Those flowers went a long, long way and there was absolutely no waste. I used foliage from my garden so there was no outlay there either.

and best of all......

My Mum loved the flowers and her special party !


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